About Artisan

Artisan Construction began as Artisan Homes in 1987 whose first commercial contract was a referral from a residential customer in 1989.   In 1996, WWL, Inc. dba Artisan Construction, Inc. incorporated.  A year later, current President, Paul Le Roy joined the Artisan team and began growing the commercial side of our company.
At various times over the years we’ve emphasized the commercial or residential side of our business, but today we find that an equal balance of the two is the best way to maintain our expertise in the broad range of construction services our clients need.

Return business is the core of our business. Creating a durable relationship of confidence and trust with a customer starts from the moment we first talk to you.  We pride ourselves on complete openness about process, especially about budget and schedule. The bottom line is about more than money. We don’t want the job if we’re not right for the job.  And if we’re not right for the job, we’ll help you find someone that is. That’s our promise to you.